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Flexible, personal and professional


“Anything fitted with a valve” is director Frans van Zomeren’s striking description of DEMI’s field of expertise. 


Since 1996, DEMI Container Services bv offers repairs, modifications, inspections, refurbishments and special projects for tank containers & trailers of all sizes and manufacturers and for all purposes. DEMI is small enough to offer you a tailored, personal service with the ability to create customized solutions perfectly matching your needs. Yet we are large enough to be able to handle all types of tank containers known in the industry and guarantee a rapid turnaround time. On our modern depot yard, in Heinenoord near the Port of Rotterdam, we provide you with a complete package of tank container & trailer services. Working together with our customers we keep developing our company to meet our customers high demands and provide continuity on the long term.

Team of DEMI Container Services 2016

Team of DEMI Container Services 2016

It always has been the company’s strategy to focus less on growth than on continuity and a constantly improving service to our existing customers. With strong and long lasting partnerships with our customers, growth naturally follows this strong focus. DEMI has a modern yard in Heinenoord near the Port of Rotterdam. The depot and office has been extended several times and now covers some 30.000 m2. DEMI offers storage for over 3000 TEUs with off the ground stacking to keep your equipment in good condition.

Approx. 30 full time specialists maintain, repair, modify and inspect Trailers and all type of tank containers, such as Liquid, Gas, Cryogenic and SBC & IBC tanks. The company operates with companies throughout the world, from multinational chemical concerns, worldwide leasing companies, operators and local concerns.


Facts & Figures

  • 30.000m2 Depot Yard
  • Storage capacity exceeding 3000 TEU
  • 30 trained professionals
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Located just 15 mins from Rotterdam harbor
  • 5 Dedicated & covered workshops


                                                                                             Member of ITCO