Demi container service

  • We repair

    We repair, test, modify & refurbish all types of tank containers & trailers. We carry out all repairs in accordance with the ITCO standard or in accordance with your own criteria.

  • We offer maintenance

    We offer professional maintenance with a quick turnaround time for your valuable equipment. This is achieved by our highly skilled and motivated team of specialists.

  • We do the testwork

    We carry out periodic inspections under supervision of a competent approval authority such as Bureau Veritas & Det Norske Veritas.

Gas tank containers

One of DEMI’s founding professions since 1996 is working with liquefied gas tankcontainers (UN Portable T50 / IMO 5). Our expertise covers the full spectrum in this market. We offer full service from gritblasting to complete pipework modifications.

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Liquid tank containers

Stainless steel T1 to T22 tankcontainers, in all sizes, are carefully repaired, tested and maintained at DEMI Container Services bv. We offer full service from grinding/polishing of the internal tank to complete renovation of the unit.

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Cryogenic tank containers

As an innovative and pioneering company, we have over 20 years of experience with cryogenic tank containers (UN Portable T75/IMO7), storage tanks and cryogenic trailer repairs. We offer full service on any cryogenic vessel.

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SBC & IBC Containers

In our dedicated workshop we are able to carry out cleaning, repairs and inspections on large quantities of IC / IBC / SBC / SPT / P-200 cylinders / Mini tanks.

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Tank trailers

DEMI is providing tanktrailer services in our dedicated tank trailer workshop. We provide repair, modifications and maintenance as well as periodical inspections to all your food, chemical (ADR), cryogenic, gas and vacuum tank trailers.

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Offshore tank containers

Whether they carry fuel or waste water, these units with lifting equipment must be certified according Offshore regulations. At DEMI we offer all services to maintain, repair and certify your Offshore equipment.

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Tanks for Sale

When you are looking to buy a used container you are at the right address at DEMI.

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Other Services

Refrigerant recovery, neutralizing gas and cryogenic tanks, marine cryogenic vacuum treatments, special projects, all is possible at DEMI Container Services bv.

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