Demi container service



Part of our complete package in tank container services is our distinctive cryogenic tank specialization. The cryogenic container offers a solution in the transport and storage of cold liquefied air gases, such as Nitrogen (LIN), Oxygen (LOX), Natural Gas (LNG), Carbon Dioxide (LCO2) and Argon (LAR). Working on these kind of tank containers is something we have been specialized in since the beginning of our company.


As one of few companies in Europe we provide the full spectrum of repairs, modifications, vacuum treatments and helium leak detections to all your cryogenic vessels. Our highly skilled and motivated specialists carry out mayor shell repairs, jacket inserts, piping modifications, valve overhauls and periodic inspections on a daily basis.


Cryogenics require deeper understanding of vacuum installations, cryogenic liquefied gases & behaviour of these gases. Armed with over 20 years of experience in this field we offer specialist repairs with state of the art equipment in our dedicated workshop. To avoid long downtimes of your valuable cryogenic equipment, we have a large stock of spare parts of all common parts associated with cryogenics. Whether your equipment transports liquefied LNG, Nitrogen or Ethylene, we are your partner for maintenance!

A selection of services we would be happy to provide to you. 

Cryogenic tank containers SERVICES:

  • Tightness testing
  • Structural tank and frame repairs
  • Custom modifications
  • Vacuum insulation repairs
  • Overhauling and re-building all types of valves and safety relief valves
  • Cooldown prior loading
  • Complete refurbishments/renovations
  • Instrumentation calibrations
  • Periodical inspections under supervision of a competent authority
  • Vacuum treatments / pulldown
  • Helium leak detections



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