Demi container service



The Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), Small Bulk Container (SBC), Intermediate Container (IC) or Small Portable Tank (SPT) is the ideal solution for storage and transport in the food and chemical industry.


With capacities of 80L up to 2500L, these stainless steel tanks are widely used in batches. Generally, they can be divided in foodstuff units and chemical units. No matter if chocolate, car paints or cosmetics like shampoo are transported, cleanliness the stainless steel unit and its equipment is of very importance. In our cleaning bay, we are able to clean, polish, pickle and passivate these units to assure high standards of cleanliness. Pressurized (T14/T22 etc) tanks with a bolted manlid, bayonet closing manlids, swing bolted manlids, cylindrical, cubic, steam heated, electric heated, our dedicated workshop is able to carry out repairs and inspections on large quantities of this equipment.

SBC & IBC Services:

  • Tightness testing
  • Structural tank and frame repairs
  • Custom modifications
  • Cladding and insulation repairs
  • Overhauling and re-building all types of valves
  • Nitrogen purging to dewpoint of -65 degrees C
  • Cooling- & Heating systems
  • Welding, grinding, polishing of tankshell
  • Complete refurbishments/renovations
  • Periodical inspections under supervision of a competent authority
  • Spark tests
  • Lining repairs


We also provide repair, refurbishment and recertification services for P-200 cylindrical tanks or cylinders. Please feel free to contact us for more information.